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Gateway Financial Partners is built on a foundation of deeply rooted core values.
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Our motivation is to provide financial advisors and their clients with exceptional service — one that is focused on continuous improvement while maintaining both personal and professional integrity.


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We are committed to building long-term relationships with every client we serve. Our partnerships are most important to us; creating a relationship built on trust and transparency between our team and our advisors results in the same valuable relationship between our advisors and their clients. We pride ourselves on partnering with those who believe in our vision and support our mission.


At Gateway, we operate as one cohesive unit. Our priority is providing our team with the support necessary to excel. We take care of our team first; happy internal customers equal happy external customers. Through accountability, communication, and collaboration, our team is able to abundantly serve our advisors and their clients. When one succeeds, we all celebrate, and when one fails, we adapt and solve. We are united in success and committed to continuous growth.


We provide superior service from a skilled and knowledgeable team through our continuous investment in the most advanced practices and cutting-edge technology. We keep our sights set on scaling up the future, while maintaining intentional and dedicated care to the present. Our attention to innovative detail sets us apart.


We want our advisors and their clients to know we care about every facet of their lives and will serve them accordingly. When our clients are reaching milestones such as marriage, buying their first house, or moving up in the company, we celebrate them. When our clients are grieving loss or are stuck in conflict, we console. Financial support and advice need to be personalized, and our success is directly linked to earning the trust and confidence of our clients.


Our company is built upon creating a strong relationship of trust and steadfast values. We vow to align wealth creation with personal objectives; honor the internal values and desires of our team, advisors, and clients; and meet our people wherever they land on the Bench of Life™.


We are dedicated to the independent advisor. Our advisors have the freedom to operate with flexibility to best suit their lifestyle and that of their clients’, allowing them to provide an unbiased, nonproprietary, and client-centric approach. Both our clients and advisors have worked hard to achieve their freedom. We’re here to help them plan for the future and protect it.