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Preparing for a confident retirement is your reward for years of hard work. It is a diligent process based on your age, investments, expense management, tax exposure and health – to name a few. When you consider your retirement portfolio will need to support you for decades in retirement, these considerations become far more emotional and complex.

We want to be our clients’ trusted advisor so they have a person to talk to who knows them and cares about them, instead of a random person answering and giving advice. We always communicate with you and stay on top of what is going on with your circumstances and your investments. We value you as person, not as an account. We want you to be confident you are on the right path for this next stage on your bench of life.

Old woman thinking about her retirement plan
Gateway Advisor talking to a client about retirement planning


Planning for your future retirement begins early on in your bench of life. We help you create a savings and investment plan for retirement and hold you accountable to that plan. We help you feel confident managing your money and your decisions, especially when you have other commitments going on in your life. We are here to help you, not better ourselves. Our goal is to help you have the ability to retire with the amount of funds needed to be financially independent, and perhaps leave a legacy if that is your intention. We are there for you to and through retirement. You can feel comfortable asking us any questions at any time without ever feeling embarrassed.


Transitioning into retirement is a major event on your bench of life that can be elating and scary at the same time. It is a period of highly-analytical forecasting and projections where we focus on preparing you for readiness.

The deeply personalized nature of our planning walks you through every step of the way, making sure each area is addressed. Our plans are carefully crafted to your life’s circumstances, not generic information.

We address your ability to afford to retire, sustain an income over the long-term and be prepared for the unexpected. We assess your ability to afford the rising costs of healthcare and navigate taxes in retirement.

We help our clients create stability in their financial future. All the work you have done to this point in your life will now be used to create the next phase of your life. We want our clients to enjoy this time, not be stressed with paperwork or moving parts.

Gateway financial client deciding how much to put into their financial plan


Maintaining a confident retirement throughout your bench of life is about managing stability. You want to enjoy retirement, but you still need to manage your investments and spending habits for the decades you will be living in retirement. Our work with you focuses on conserving principal and addressing life’s unforeseen circumstances, such as: health, the financial stability of your children, managing elderly parent care, taxes, or market and economic conditions. We keep up-to-date on your information in the event you need to make a life adjustment. Any suggestions we make are fully explained so you can be confident in your decisions. Our goal is to help you enjoy this next phase on your bench of life.

Gateway Financial Partners and LPL Financial do not offer tax or legal advice. We suggest that you discuss your specific situation with a qualified tax or legal advisor.

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