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The years you spend providing for your family can be some of the best times on your Bench of Life™. It may also feel like a balancing act some days. Your personal and professional lives coincide and juggling child care or the care of an elderly parent can seem to derail your focus almost every day. We work with clients to help them feel a sense of financial independence in an already stressful world. We help them think through issues related to their finances so they gain clarity on doing the right things.

What gateway does

  • Bettering what you do with your money day-to-day
  • Balancing retirement and education planning for your kids
  • Making the time to meet openly
  • Answering questions quickly
  • Feeling comfortable, whether it’s high level or granular
  • Being honest with you if you are overspending

We are proactive and flexible with our schedule; never too busy for you. By spending time together, we always make sure we have a full understanding of your whole picture. Most importantly, we are personal. Your bench of life should be about the joy of watching your family grow and accomplishing things for yourself. The real benefit we strive to provide is setting you up to reach your goals and being there with you for the long haul.


You and your loved ones deserve every opportunity on the bench of life. Helping your kids and grandkids with education funding can give them the best possible start. The challenge is saving for college and retirement at the same time while managing day-to-day expenses and obligations. You don’t want to impact your own future retirement. College funding is a large budgeting item and the various options can lead to confusion. We help you understand and select the most appropriate education funding options so you remain balanced and well-diversified in your investment portfolio.

There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk.


One of the most secure feelings you can have in life is knowing you are prepared for whatever may happen. We work with clients to help them be prepared for the expected and the unexpected. We help them create a better sense of confidence and greater control over their finances. If you suffer an illness, a loss of income, or premature death, you don’t want to touch your long-term assets unless you have to. As you approach the many milestones on your bench of life, you may find that assessing additional insurance coverage and planning may be needed. The real benefit is knowing that if something comes up you have a resource to go to for questions.

  • Reviewing and updating your insurance beneficiaries (i.e., new spouse, child or partner)
  • Assessing insurance needs as your income, family and lifestyle grows
  • Knowing the coverage periods on your life insurance; are you protected throughout your bench of life?
  • Coverage losses if you leave your employer
  • Accident and illness coverage
  • Cash value insurance products for additional financial needs (i.e., college funding or supplemental retirement income)
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