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At Gateway Financial Partners, we understand the intricacies of managing finances can be overwhelming, whether you’re an individual grappling with retirement plans or a business striving for sustainable growth. Our dedication is to alleviate these challenges and reinforce your financial resilience.

Paul Smallwood, an accomplished Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and now an Independent Financial Advisor, is here to help. Paul’s vast experience revealed that many of his clients often struggled to seize opportunities and preserve their financial future. This widespread disconnect ignited a transformation in Paul’s professional journey.

Compelled to bridge this gap, Paul expanded his specialization beyond traditional CPA services, integrating comprehensive financial planning into his repertoire. This move was driven by his resolve to guide clients effectively through the complexities of finance and enable them to take charge of their financial health.

By incorporating financial planning, Paul now equips his clients with the tools to navigate investment complexities, strategize for retirement, help to optimize tax benefits, and much more. This holistic approach aims to ensure that clients receive personalized financial strategies that align with their unique goals.

Whether your aim is to pursue a worry-free retirement, maximize your investment returns, or establish a sound financial trajectory for your business, Gateway Financial Partners is dedicated to delivering high-quality financial advisory services that resonate with your objectives. By putting your financial goals at the forefront of our strategy, we commit to empowering you, fostering your financial health and nurturing your future, one well-informed financial decision at a time.

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Paul Smallwood

Financial Advisor - CPA®, PFS®, CFP®

Paul Smallwood: Championing Your Financial Future

For nearly three decades, Paul Smallwood has been helping individuals and businesses navigate the intricate paths of tax compliance as a trusted Certified Public Accountant (CPA). But he realized that his clients needed more. Many were missing the crucial link of financial planning and management in their journey towards financial wellness. Driven by the desire to bridge this gap, Paul expanded his horizons, taking on the role of an Independent Financial Advisor.

Today, Paul combines his deep understanding of tax compliance and accounting with a comprehensive knowledge of financial planning to provide a holistic service to his clients. He understands that your financial situation is unique and requires a tailored approach. Leveraging his expertise, he is able to provide you with the insights, strategies, and tools you need to make sound financial decisions.

Whether you’re an individual looking to preserve your financial future, a parent wanting the best education for your child, or a business owner seeking to optimize your financial operations, Paul is dedicated to helping you pursue your goals. His philosophy is simple: your future is the focus. He believes in empowering you to take charge of your financial destiny, providing guidance, support, and knowledge every step of the way.

Remember, a confident financial future isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity that Paul Smallwood, at Gateway Financial Partners, is committed to helping you pursue. It’s time to take that first step towards financial wellness. Are you ready to embark on this journey?

Taylor Schepers: Committed to Delivering Exemplary Service

With a solid track record of 5 years in administrative roles, Taylor brings a wealth of experience to our team, helping ensure the smooth functioning of our office and creating a warm, welcoming environment for our clients.

Born and raised in Northern Michigan, Taylor is a graduate of Davenport University, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She is the friendly voice you’ll hear when you call our office, the helpful hand assisting with your paperwork, and the first smiling face you’ll see when you visit us.

Outside of the office, Taylor is an avid outdoor enthusiast, often found kayaking on local lakes or fishing when the opportunity arises. Her creativity extends beyond the great outdoors, with a passion for painting and other arts in her free time. Also, she’s been sharing her baking and cake decorating skills with family and friends for over a decade, adding a dash of sweetness to every occasion.

Taylor Schepers

Financial Assistant

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    Our Ideal Client

    At Gateway Financial Partners, we welcome clients who are ready to actively participate in maintaining their financial future. Our ideal client is someone who understands that pursuing financial health isn’t a sprint but a marathon – requiring planning, patience, and dedication. Whether you’re an individual, a family, or a business owner, we are here to guide you if:

    • You’re seeking a deeper understanding of your financial picture and are committed to learning and making informed decisions.
    • You’re ready to consider a professional with your financial planning, acknowledging that specialized guidance can bring invaluable insights and strategies to the table.
    • You value a holistic, comprehensive approach to financial planning that goes beyond investment management to include tax planning strategies, retirement strategies, education funding, and legacy planning.
    • You’re proactive about your financial future, ready to work with us to develop and follow a strategic financial plan.
    • You appreciate a relationship that’s built on trust, respect, and mutual understanding, and are open to transparent, honest, and regular communication.

    Our clients are not just numbers on a balance sheet. They are individuals and businesses with dreams, aspirations, and goals, and we see it as our mission to help them pursue these goals. If this resonates with you, you may well be our ideal client. We invite you to take the first step towards a brighter financial future with us.

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    A financial advisor is a professional who helps clients manage their finances, investments, and wealth. They offer personalized advice and guidance based on their clients' financial goals and needs. Financial advisors can provide services such as retirement planning, investment advice, tax planning, estate planning, and more.

    Hiring a financial advisor can be beneficial for those who need help managing their finances, planning for the future, or making investment decisions. Financial advisors can provide expert advice and guidance to help clients achieve their financial goals and make informed financial decisions.

    When looking for a financial advisor, using BrokerCheck can provide valuable information about the advisor's background, including their employment history, registration status, and any disciplinary actions or customer complaints. By using BrokerCheck, investors can make informed decisions about which financial advisor to work with and avoid potential fraud or misconduct.

    Financial advisors can offer a wide range of services, including retirement planning, investment advice, tax planning, estate planning, risk management, and more. The specific services offered may vary depending on the advisor's experience and qualifications.

    As an independent financial advisor, we believe in developing a diversified investment portfolio that aligns with clients' long-term financial goals and risk tolerance. We review and rebalance portfolios regularly and provide education to help clients understand their investment strategy. During times of market volatility, we stay in close communication with our clients to provide guidance and support. By taking a strategic, long-term approach, we help our clients pursue their financial goals despite market fluctuations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We recognize that financial management can often seem like an uphill battle. That’s why our role at Gateway Financial Partners is to be your valued guide. With our wealth of experience in the financial sector, we’re committed to delivering tailor-made advice to support you in pursuing your financial aspirations. To demystify the role of a financial advisor and how we can assist you, we’ve curated a list of frequently asked questions. This resource is designed to shed light on our services and what you can expect in your journey with us. We hope that this information will equip you with the insights needed to make sound decisions for your financial future.

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    Ready to take that vital step towards a more confident and clear financial future? At Gateway Financial Partners, we’re here to guide you. Whether it’s simplifying tax compliance, crafting investment strategies, planning for retirement, securing educational opportunities for your children, or establishing your lasting legacy, Paul Smallwood and his dedicated team are ready to help.

    We believe in empowering you with knowledge, equipping you with tools, and providing you with the personalized financial advice you need to make informed decisions. Together, we can chart a course towards your financial goals.

    Start your journey towards financial wellness today. Reach out to us to schedule a consultation, and let’s explore how we can turn your financial dreams into reality.

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