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Social Security Part 3 – Insolvency

In the first two parts of this 3-part blog, we discussed how much money you could get from Social Security based on your work history and family situation.  But what if the Social Security trust fund isn’t there to pay your full benefits?  In this

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Neil Manning 5 days ago

Social Security Part 2 – The Exceptions

In part 1 of this 3-part blog, I outlined how to understand the Social Security

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Neil Manning 2 weeks ago

Social Security Part 1 – How to Read Your Statement

Americans love the royal family.  And I’m English (my mom was born and raised there)

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Neil Manning 3 weeks ago

No Way, No Dow

My wife Debbie and I still watch the evening news.  I know, we should just

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Neil Manning 2 months ago

Disciplined Pursuit of Enough – A Case Study

In my last blog, I argued the benefits of pursuing enough money, rather than always

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Neil Manning 6 months ago

The Disciplined Pursuit of Enough

The word enough gets a bad rap.  Teachers will yell “That’s enough!” at their unruly

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Neil Manning 7 months ago

Shocking News: Your Electricity Rate May Have Just Doubled!

If you live in Connecticut like I do, you have gotten used to a high

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Neil Manning 8 months ago

Bizarro World, Explained

One of the greatest Seinfeld episodes ever is “The Bizarro Jerry”. This is where Elaine

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Neil Manning 10 months ago

It’s Harvest Season!

I like to look for silver linings. For instance, during the pandemic lockdown, I appreciated

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Neil Manning 10 months ago

Bonds, James Bonds

This year has not been a good year for bonds. This message has gotten a

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Neil Manning 11 months ago

The Unchartered Waters of the Amazon Prime

Before you judge me on what I am about to share, there are a few

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Neil Manning 12 months ago

I Want I-Bonds?

The recent surge in inflation has sparked a new interest in I-bonds.  In fact, questions

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Neil Manning 1 year ago

Don’t Fear the Reaper (or a Recession)

It has been said that nothing is certain except death and taxes.  Perhaps we should

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Neil Manning 1 year ago

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I am a reformed actuary turned financial advisor, helping my clients with everything from investments to retirement projections to LTC insurance since 2014.  Unlike most normal people, I love numbers and finance – I’m currently reading a book about game theory which my wife and two teenage daughters think is unbelievably boring (they are wrong).  For more details about my background, check out my website.

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