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I Want I-Bonds?

The recent surge in inflation has sparked a new interest in I-bonds.  In fact, questions about I-bonds are just about the most common ones I get these days!  So, I thought it was time to explain more about the pros and cons of these particular

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Neil Manning 3 weeks ago

Don’t Fear the Reaper (or a Recession)

It has been said that nothing is certain except death and taxes.  Perhaps we should

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Neil Manning 4 weeks ago

The Cure for Hysterical Amnesia

Every investor knows that they are supposed to buy low and sell high.  Even a

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Neil Manning 1 month ago

Don’t Shoot the Weatherman

Weather forecasting has greatly improved over the last 40 years – doppler radar, better projection

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Neil Manning 2 months ago

About the Author

I am a reformed actuary turned financial advisor, helping my clients with everything from investments to retirement projections to LTC insurance since 2014.  Unlike most normal people, I love numbers and finance – I’m currently reading a book about game theory which my wife and two teenage daughters think is unbelievably boring (they are wrong).  For more details about my background, check out my website.

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