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At Gateway Financial Partners, our mission revolves around providing insightful financial planning guidance. We focus on devising strategies that are in harmony with your unique life ambitions, drawing upon McFaddin Moise, Jr.’s rich tapestry of experience. Our goal is to offer guidance that is not only knowledgeable but also deeply attuned to your individual needs.
Recognizing that effective financial planning transcends mere numbers, we aim to create a journey that mirrors your life’s goals and dreams. McFaddin’s diverse financial expertise ensures that your financial strategy is not just a set of recommendations, but a living, evolving roadmap, uniquely tailored to adapt to your life’s changes.
Our dedication goes beyond standard financial advice. We are committed to being a dependable source of wisdom and support, aiding you in unraveling the complexities of financial decisions with greater clarity and foresight. Our approach is bespoke, crafted around your specific objectives, priorities, and values.
At Gateway Financial Partners, our role is not just to plan for your financial future; it is to be your ally in making thoughtful financial choices at every turn. It’s about equipping you with the right resources and understanding, enabling you to proceed with confidence and assurance in your financial journey.

Our Services

Our Process

We understand that every client is unique and has specific needs and preferences. That’s why our onboarding process is tailored to each individual. We prioritize getting to know our clients and building a strong relationship. Our goal is to ensure that every new client feels comfortable and well taken care of. Throughout the entire process, we aim to be a valuable resource for our clients. Although our process varies depending on the client’s unique situation, we follow a general framework. Here is what you can expect from our onboarding process.

Step 1: Discovery and Goal Setting

The first step in our journey is a comprehensive discovery and goal-setting phase. Here, we delve into your current financial situation, your aspirations, and any challenges you might be facing. This stage is all about listening to your story and understanding your unique financial landscape. It’s where we collaboratively set clear, tailored goals, ranging from retirement planning to wealth management, helping to ensure these objectives are a reflection of your personal aspirations and lifestyle.

Step 2: Strategic Planning

In the second step, we utilize McFaddin’s extensive experience to develop a personalized financial plan that addresses your individual needs and objectives. This stage involves forming a comprehensive strategy that integrates various financial considerations, including tax planning, investment management, estate planning, and risk management. The focus is on creating a dynamic and adaptable plan that evolves with your life changes and responds to market conditions, ensuring a holistic approach to your financial well-being.

Step 3: Implementation and Review

The final step is about putting your financial plan into action. We initiate the strategies developed in the planning phase, which might include reallocating assets, adjusting investment portfolios, or setting up estate planning. This step also involves regular monitoring and necessary adjustments to help ensure the plan remains effective and aligned with your changing goals. Consistent communication and feedback are integral to this phase, as we believe in keeping you informed and involved throughout your financial journey.

Get to Know Us

McFaddin Moise, Jr.

Financial Advisor

Your Collaborative Partner in Navigating Your Financial Independence

In the realm of financial services, McFaddin Moise, Jr. has a strong commitment to partnering with clients on their financial journeys. His professional path, characterized by overcoming challenges and pursuing industry recognition, equips him with a deep understanding of the intricate world of personal finance.

McFaddin’s philosophy in financial planning is rooted in collaboration. He views his role as a co-navigator, working alongside you to understand your unique financial landscape and aspirations. His extensive knowledge in diverse financial areas, including tax strategies, investment management, estate planning strategies, and risk management, becomes instrumental in crafting strategies that are closely tailored to your life goals.

His approach is about forging a partnership where your needs and goals are the central focus. McFaddin believes in building a relationship based on open communication and mutual understanding, aiming to ensure that every step taken is in sync with your financial aspirations.

In your journey with Gateway Financial Partners, McFaddin Moise, Jr. becomes more than an advisor; he is a steadfast partner, dedicated to providing guidance that is aligned with your evolving financial needs. This partnership approach empowers you to make informed decisions, helping you navigate the complexities of financial planning with greater confidence and clarity.

Your Supportive Ally in Client Relations and Financial Guidance

As a Client Relationship Manager, Désirée wears a lot of hats. She offers aid to the team for them to efficiently assist our clients with their needs to work toward achieving their financial goals. She is also there for the clients’ point of contact, to answer questions, give support and assist with organizational needs and to coordinate appointments with team members.

Désirée attended college out of high school for a Business Degree then returned to college years later for an education degree and accomplished her goal to graduate+0 8-Summa Cum Laude. After Teaching elementary and middle school and college biology, she received a Master’s in Branding.  With her desire to learn and to help people, she obtained certifications in Professional and Business Etiquette and taxes and acquired a Health, Life and Annuity license which she is not using in her current role. With her diverse education and working with clients in various capacities, she gained the experience of helping clients through understanding and resourcefulness.

Désirée has achieved many accomplishments through education and business experience, which has allowed her to help clients and friends meet their important goals and dreams. Foremost, when they have overcome or accomplished something through her guidance, she feels she met her purpose in life, which is at the heart of her core values.

Outside of work, Désirée enjoys music and the arts. She likes to spend time with close friends being a foodie and playing board games. Yet as much as she likes to go to performances and restaurants, she values her relaxing time reading or watching movies with her furry babies.    

Désirée Golden

Client Relationship Manager

Do Our Values Align?

Building Financial Futures Together: Our Ideal Client Partnership

At Gateway Financial Partners, our core values revolve around collaborative, forward-thinking financial planning. We find the most success and fulfillment in working with individuals and businesses who share these values.

Our Ideal Client:

  • Proactive and Engaged: Our ideal clients are those who actively engage in the financial planning process. They understand the importance of being proactive in managing their finances and value the guidance and expertise that McFaddin brings to the table.
  • Value Long-Term Relationships: We look for clients who appreciate the long-term nature of financial planning. Our approach is not transactional; it’s about building lasting relationships where we journey together through various stages of your financial life.
  • Open to Collaborative Planning: The clients who benefit the most from our services are those who seek a partnership in their financial planning. We believe in a two-way dialogue, where your insights and life experiences are integral to shaping the financial strategy.
  • Diverse Financial Needs and Goals: Our clientele is diverse, ranging from individuals starting their financial planning journey to established businesses looking for nuanced financial strategies. What unites them is a desire for comprehensive, tailored financial guidance that resonates with their unique circumstances.

In this partnership, we prioritize understanding your individual goals and tailoring our expertise to meet those needs. Whether it’s navigating life’s milestones, managing business finances, or preparing for future legacies, we are here to support and guide you. At Gateway Financial Partners, aligning our values with yours is the first step towards a successful and fulfilling financial journey.

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A financial advisor is a professional who helps clients manage their finances, investments, and wealth. They offer personalized advice and guidance based on their clients' financial goals and needs. Financial advisors can provide services such as retirement planning, investment advice, tax planning, estate planning, and more.

Hiring a financial advisor can be beneficial for those who need help managing their finances, planning for the future, or making investment decisions. Financial advisors can provide expert advice and guidance to help clients achieve their financial goals and make informed financial decisions.

When looking for a financial advisor, using BrokerCheck can provide valuable information about the advisor's background, including their employment history, registration status, and any disciplinary actions or customer complaints. By using BrokerCheck, investors can make informed decisions about which financial advisor to work with and avoid potential fraud or misconduct.

Financial advisors can offer a wide range of services, including retirement planning, investment advice, tax planning, estate planning, risk management, and more. The specific services offered may vary depending on the advisor's experience and qualifications.

As an independent financial advisor, we believe in developing a diversified investment portfolio that aligns with clients' long-term financial goals and risk tolerance. We review and rebalance portfolios regularly and provide education to help clients understand their investment strategy. During times of market volatility, we stay in close communication with our clients to provide guidance and support. By taking a strategic, long-term approach, we help our clients pursue their financial goals despite market fluctuations.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that managing your finances can be a daunting task, and that’s why we’re here to help. As experienced professionals in the financial industry, we are committed to providing our clients with personalized advice and guidance to help them work toward their financial goals. In this section, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand what a financial advisor is, how we can help you, and what to expect when working with us. We hope this resource will provide you with valuable information and help you make informed decisions about your financial future.

Invest in Your Future Today

Taking the Next Step Towards Financial Empowerment

At Gateway Financial Partners, we understand that the decision to seek financial guidance is a significant step in your journey towards financial empowerment. McFaddin Moise, Jr. and our team are dedicated to helping you navigate this path with expertise and personalized attention.

Whether you are just beginning to consider financial planning or are looking for new strategies to manage your existing portfolio, a conversation with McFaddin can be a transformative step. We invite you to connect with us to explore how our tailored financial planning services can align with your unique financial goals.

Our approach is centered around understanding your individual needs and objectives. During our initial discussions, we focus on listening to your story, assessing your current financial situation, and exploring your long-term aspirations. This process ensures that the guidance we provide is not only comprehensive but also highly personalized.

By choosing to invest in your future with Gateway Financial Partners, you’re not just getting financial advice; you’re gaining a partner who is committed to your long-term success. Our goal is to build a relationship where your financial well-being is our top priority, and every decision is made with your future in mind

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