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LGBT couple at their wedding that a Gateway Financial Advisor fit into their LGBT Financial Plan

Financial planning for LGBT clients has come a long way in the last few years. Historically, advisors had to create financial workarounds for LGBT clients and their partners to navigate the different state and tax laws. The goal was to accomplish the same estate and retirement planning benefits that were available to traditional married couples. 

What gateway does

  • Managing your finances, investments and retirement strategies
  • Estate planning, beneficiary planning and healthcare decision making
  • Integrating your finances with your spouse or life partner
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Family planning and strategies for blended families
  • Healthcare and elder care planning
  • Socially responsible investing options

Today’s laws have now progressed so that every client has a more equal opportunity throughout their Bench of Life™ when it comes to financial planning and building financial security. We work with our LGBT clients on intensive planning to help them revisit prior workarounds that were done in the past, but may no longer be current or necessary. The real benefit is the confidence and sense of well-being you gain from working with a advisor who has your back and guides you on your Bench of Life™.

LGBT couple happy about their new LGBT financial plan
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