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Leadership Advantage Program

Introductory Webinar Sessions

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What is the Leadership Advantage Program?

This program is a unique opportunity to leverage proven, practice-focused strategies and frameworks that enhance operational efficiencies and stimulate productivity growth.

The Leadership Advantage Program is structured around four core quadrants:

  1. Managing Your Practice
  2. Optimizing Your Operations
  3. Marketing Your Business
  4. Empowering Your Team

Each of these quadrants has been tailored to foster growth in essential areas such as team empowerment, building COI relationships, and leveraging technology. This model has been designed to help you develop an efficient and sustainable infrastructure for your practice, without having to reinvent the wheel.

The program offers an immersive learning experience including two intensive, workshop-style retreats for hands-on training, supplemented with monthly consulting webinars to assist you with implementation. Remember, building robust routines and systems is a journey, not a race. Click on the Learn More button below where you will find access to a flyer that provides further information on the offering.

Our Featured Speaker

Rachel Rauch

Enterprise Consultant at AssetMark

Before embarking on a 10-year career as an independent Practice Management Consultant, Rachel helped build a wealth management group that grew from solo practice to 15 advisors in multiple locations over the course of a single year and was Director of Practice Management for a firm of 75 advisors with a wide range of team and staff structures and goals. This experience solidified her belief that in any situation, there is a way for everyone to get what they need – and more. With practicality and curiosity, she has helped hundreds of advisors and their teams move from vision to reality with clarity and cohesiveness. She has held FINRA 63 and 7 licenses, along with Life, Accident, and Health Insurance licenses in several states.

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