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Starting out on your Bench of Life™ is a time where you begin to accomplish things at a young age. It is about feeling successful, excited and comfortable that you are on the right track. You are investing in yourself to have the future you want and need. Clients who are starting out in life can turn to us as their financial advisor for a more modern, less old-school approach.

Our goal is to understand you and your personality so we can relate to you. We have a willingness to sit and talk with you to establish a relationship early on, regardless of the amount of assets you have. We are respectful in our approach without arrogance. The real benefit we strive to provide is having insights into opportunities and guidance to bring confidence to your future goals.


Starting a new job is a time of optimism and enthusiasm. It may be your first foray into your adult career or a reward for years of hard work and performance. It is a time to make good financial decisions and strengthen your financial position. Our experienced advisors can bring a valuable wealth of knowledge when you start your first job, a new job or new employee benefits. We help you understand the basics of your employee and executive benefits to make smart decisions that will impact your future. We educate you on every suggestion so you gain confidence moving forward on your bench of life.

  • Reassessing your budget and savings plan
  • Understanding or rebalancing your employee retirement plan
  • Selecting health insurance options
  • Taking command of your new employee benefits package (I.e., Group Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Long-Term Care insurance)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
  • Understanding stock options and stock purchase plans


Getting married or building a life together gives you someone by your side to share your journeys on the bench of life. It also creates a need to properly integrate your finances as a couple. We help couples come together on the discussions they need to have, allowing them to delegate financial planning between them. We connect with each of you individually and personality-wise to discuss your intentions, savings and investment strategy and mutual goals. Our group helps prepare you for the purchase of your home, a future wedding or the goals you envision for your future. Our group delivers a customized approach and personalized attention no matter what your level of wealth is or where you are on the bench of life together.

  • Getting on the same page financially as a couple
  • Integrating your finances
  • Estate planning, beneficiary planning and healthcare decision making
  • Investment and retirement strategies – joint and individual
  • Family and elder care planning

Gateway Financial Partners and LPL Financial do not offer tax or legal advice. We suggest that you discuss your specific situation with a qualified tax or legal advisor.


Preparing for parenthood is a beautiful and glorious event on your bench of life. It also involves a great deal of financial planning to create a sense of financial independence. We help you gain greater control over your finances to ease the anxiety every new parent feels and give you the confidence to provide for your family’s future.

  • Estimating medical, family planning or adoption costs
  • Planning for maternity / paternity leave
  • Budgeting pre- and post your new arrival
  • Planning for child care or day care expenses
  • Life insurance, health insurance and guardianship planning
  • Saving for his or her education


Preparing for a confident retirement is your reward for years of hard work. It is a diligent process based on your age, investments, expense management, tax exposure and health – to name a few. When you consider your retirement portfolio will need to support you for decades in retirement, these considerations become far more emotional and complex. Ideally, we hope to be our clients’ trusted advisor, so they have a person to talk to who knows them and cares about them, instead of a random person answering and giving advice. We always communicate with you and stay on top of what is going on with your circumstances and your investments. We value you as person, not as an account. Our aim is for you to be confident you are on the right path for this next stage on your bench of life.


As a new entrepreneur, it is important to maintain a strong personal financial position. You have many years ahead of you on the bench of life, so it is vital to keep an eye forward on your net worth. Many new entrepreneurs tend to have their liquid assets tied up in the business as they balance multiple priorities. We bring them advice that keeps them on top of critical financial decisions. It is our  hope that our clients never feel alone in managing their priorities and staying focused on their life journey. We are available and accessible when you need us. We enjoy our friendship with you through the years just as much as the business relationship.

  • Strengthening personal and business finances
  • Having a risk management plan in place
  • Managing credit, spending and budgeting
  • Executive benefits and personal retirement planning
  • Establishing emergency savings
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